CMC Vellore Alumni ​​

​​ NORTH AMERICAN REUNION ​​        [Since 1981]

39th GOTC: 11-14 June 2020: ​MINNEAPOLIS, MN


Details of next event (2020) coming soon!
Watch  this space!



It all happened at the GOTC
These are a collection of some memorable moments in the events gone by. Feel free to contribute if you remember anything worth sharing. These will be remembered forever!
Some say that the GOTC is one of its kind. No college or university has a reunion of this nature anywhere
Being special, there must be a reason. Apart from the shared traditions, there are stories to be told and emotions felt
Come tell us anything that's worth sharing and mulling, laughing or crying over. This is the GOTC community!
  1. When it almost ended
    There was this hunch that the younger alumni were not buying into the GOTC thing. The 2016 event in Ontario California was therefore declared the last. That did it! At the General Body meeting in 2016, four more hosts were found to host GOTCs till 2020! GOTC survived.
  2. Which Batch?
    At St. Louise in 2012, as part of the entertainment the hosts had invited a couple of glamourous belly dancers who pranced around the tables inviting the guests to join in and many did. Later when the pictures were published the most asked question was "Which batch do they belong to?"
  3. Calling Mr. Gotsy
    At the North Carolina GOTC in 2010 waiting for the excitement of whitewater rafting we heard the call for a name that was odd and difficult to pronounce. There was a call for 'Mr. Gotsy and family' and it took a while for a smart alumna to realize that he was asking the group under GOTC.
  4. The Biggie!
    The rumour that the 2016 event would be the last had a very positive effect on that year's attendance. A record 330 attended including as many as 27 from overseas. 158 hotel rooms were booked which was also a record.
  5. The Missing Event
    Some of us were attempting to list all the hosts over the years and one gap could not be explained. Neither the hosts nor the venue was recalled by any of the many seniors involved in the email and telephonic discussions. Then it dawned on some that indeed in 1983, there was no GOTC!
  6. The Chief Guests
    The Chief Guests took a focus in the 2000s as senior staff in the faculty and then long serving alumni in remote areas in India were invited. Thus the North American alumni had an opportunity to hear stories of their inspiring journey following the college motto.
  7. The Matinee
    At the 2017 event at New Jersey, the hosts decided that some structure was required for the Saturday 'lunch on your own' option and planned for a Broadway matinee. We believe it is the beginning of another wonderful tradition!
  8. The North American Association
    Yes, it happened on 17 June 2017. The North American Alumni of CMC Vellore was formed. What's unique about this body is that it is a combined organization of all alumni from the different colleges.
  9. Fun and Fund
    The founders of the GOTC believed that this should be a weekend to celebrate our friendship with fun only. The GOTC has morphed over the years out of necessity, felt need and a sense of responsibility. 2017 also saw the introduction of requests for funding help given in detail on the PROJECTS page
  10. The Nurses Join
    After a series of discussions and false starts the College of Nursing alumni are launching a dedicated full day program for their members at their 2019 event.