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​​ NORTH AMERICAN REUNION ​​        [Since 1981]

39th GOTC: 11-14 June 2020: ​MINNEAPOLIS, MN


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There are two lists below. One by row for family or couple last name in alpha order and the other by class year. For the latter this will be the year of joining CMC Vellore as an under graduate student (Allied Health Sciences, Medical or Nursing Colleges).    
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2018 Attendees

The Last Name Alpha List

The Class Year Chrono List

Abraham, Deepak
Abraham, Nora & Varkey
Abraham, Sherin*
Alexander, Priya & Alex
Ambrose, Prita & Gunaseelan
Anantharaj, John*
Ariathurai, Esther & Vadhana
Azariah, Beulah*
Balgobin, Hannah & Balmookoot
Balraj, Elizabeth*
Balasubramaniam, Ulhas & S
Bharagava, Pawan
Budden, Sarojini & Moir
Chan, Enid
Charlu, Malathi & Daniel
Chellappa, Paul
Chelliah, Pearl & Noah
Cherian, Rachel & George
Cherian, Tina & Anil
Cheriyan, Anita & Luke
Cheriyan, Sarah & Abraham
David, Mekhala
David, Shanti
Dayal, Usha & Ashrito
Dayamani, Priya
Devanesan, Asha & Sudi
Dias, Bernice
Doshi, Razia*
Duthie, Lalitha & James
Evans, Dorothy*
Ganguli, Mary & Rohan
George, Romani/John, Suku
George, Thankamma
Gnanamuttu, Sarla & Dan
Hansdak, Vijaya & Pramod
Haro, Mabel*
Hermon, Manorama
Jesudass, Anita & Samson
Jesudass, Tami & Richard
Jesudian, Alice*
John, Binu & Smiths
John, Reena & Sajiv
John, Sherwine & Daniel
Johnson, Albert
Johnson, Rebecca*
Joseph, Catherine*
Joseph, Geetha & Sunny
Kalia, Raj & Alok
Kanagaraj, Joel*
Kang, Jasbir
Kamineni, Bharathi & Bo
Kapadia, Shantha & Cyrus
Kini, Subhash
Kolanu, Indira & Raghuram
Kumar, Margaret
Kumar, Kirtida & Satish
Kupachi, Alka & Sarat
Manaloor, Elizabeth*
Mani, Ranjit
Margoschis, Shanthi*
Mathew, Babu
Mathew, Anita & Matt
Mehta, Smitha
Michael, Sue & Stanley
Mishra, Lopa & Bibhuti
Naina, Harris
Narayan, Tina & Raj
Ninan, Philip
Nowrangi, Sunil
Palocaran, Jason
Pandian, Kanagaraj
Pandian, Vincya
Pillai, Honorine & Shiv
Prasad, Anuradha & Niraj
Rajasingh, Chritados
Raju, Sybil & Seshadri
Rao, Loretta
Roberts, Don
Riehl, John
Saha/Menon, Vaskar & Usha
Samuel, Mallikha & Mervyn
Samuel, Bernice* & Richard
Sarang, Vilasini*
Shetty, Kirti
Sondhi, Parveen & Yoginder
Suresh, Thelma*
Theodore, Aravindan
Theodore, Chitra*
Theodore, Thelma
Thomas, Padmini & MA
Thomas, Sarah & Christie
Thomas, Joyce & Bobby
Titus, Selva*
Vadivelu, Nalini
Von Gaudecker, Jane 
Victor, Ruby*
Walter, Suganthi
Yousufji, Diann & Akthar

*Class year to be updated

Thomas, MA
Yousufji, Akthar

Abraham, Varkey

Balgobin, Balmookoot
Gnanamuttu, Sarla

Chellappa, Paul
Raju, Seshadri

Balasubramaniam, S
Balasubramaniam, Ulhas
Budden, Moir
Budden, Sarojini
Chan, Enid
Samuel, Mervyn
Thomas, Padmini

Kapadia, Cyrus
Kapadia, Shantha
Raju, Sybil
Rao, Loretta

Cherian, George
Cherian, Rachel
Johnson, Albert

Devanesan, Asha
Devanesan, Sudi
Sondhi, Parveen

Kumar, Margaret

Thomas, Bobby
Thomas, Joy

Jesudian, Alice​

Chelliah, Noah
Cheriyan, Luke
Duthie, James
Ganguli, Rohan
Hermon, Manorama
Kalia, Alok
Kalia, Raj

Cheriyan, Anita
Ganguli, Mary
Kaminenei, Bharathi
Kolanu, Indira
Mani, Ranjit
Mathew, Matt

Ariathurai, Esther
Ariathurai, Vathana
Kang, Jasbir
Narayan, Raj
Ninan, Philip
Pillai, Honorine
Pillai, Shiv

Dias, Bernice
Kolanu, Raghuram
Vadivelu, Nalini

Charlu, Malathi
Cheriyan, Abraham
Cheriyan, Sarah
David, Shanti
Dayal, Ashrito
Hansdak, Pramod
John, Daniel
John, Sherwine
Kumar, Satish
Mathew, Babu
Michael, Stanley
Mishra, Bibhuti
Nowrangi, Sunil

Rajasingh, Christados
Samuel, Richard

Jospeh, Geetha
Joseph, Sunny
Kumar, Kirtida
Narayan, Tina
Hansdak, Vijaya

Dayal, Usha
Prasad, Niraj
Thomas, Christie
Thomas, Sarah
Walter, Suganthi

Jesudass, Richard
Saha, Vaskar

Ambrose, Gunaseelan

George, Thankamma
John, Sajiv

Kini, Subhash
Menon, Usha
Pandian, Kanagaraj

George, Romani
John, Reena

Cherian, Anil
Cherian, Tina
David, Mekhala
Mehta, Smitha
Shetty, Kirti
Theodore, Thelma

Jesudass, Samson

Jesudass, Anita

Dayamani, Priya

Alexander, Priya

John, Binu
Kupachi, Sarat
Naina, Harris
Pandian, Vinciya

John, Smiths
Von Gaudecker, Jane

Bharagava, Pawan

Our Special Guests

Tina and Anil Cherian 1983

  Tina and Anil belong to the MBBS batch of 1983. Tina did her post graduation in Obstetrics and Gynaecology while Anil is a Paediatrician who went on to  specialise in Public Health & Health Economics. They currently work in South Sudan at the Jonglei Health Sciences Institute, Bor Town.
After their studies in CMC Vellore  they worked for nearly 20 years with the Emmanuel Hospital Association in a number of rural locations in Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Madhya Pradesh in India. Anil was Director of  Community Health in EHA for 7 years from 2007 to 2013. During his service he was responsible for  running over 40 community health & development projects in 12 states of North India. Tina, also known as Shalini, was not just supportive but very active as EHA’s Coordinator for Reproductive and Child Health Services  overseeing  and devveloping RCH services in 20 hospitals under the EHA umbrella.
 Their involvement in South Sudan started in 2011 when Anil was invited by ICMDA (an Association of Christian doctors and dentists from around the world) to join a team of five doctors that visited this new nation, tasked with developing  a strategy and plans for ICMDA’s engagement in building and strengthening healthcare in South Sudan. The team decided that developing health personal  would be the best way to assist the government in strengthening their  health system. So in partnership with the  Government of South Sudan and the Episcopal Church of South Sudan (Anglican Church) they decided to start a National Health Sciences Training Institute  to train a mid-level cadre of  medical and nursing personal  for South Sudan. Anil and Tina decided to move to South Sudan in beginning of 2014, both feeling the call of God to serve for  atleast 7 years.
​The initial plan was to have the teaching institute in Bor but in December 2013  intense fighting occurred between rival political factions and Bor town was decimated in a matter of 3 weeks due to intense fighting between the rival groups.

​​ So from 2014-18 they  trained over 70 students from South Sudan in Kampala, Uganda. The students were put in three teaching streams, clinical medicine and public health, nursing and midwifery.
The Cherians' other objectives for health in South Sudan was to improve the access  of  rural marginalized communities to quality preventive and curative health services. Also to break barriers that prevent access to health care, assist and  facilitate  the development of  community health programmes through the church in South Sudan, demonstrating compassion and best practices and by living a simple life be role models with kindness and humility following Jesus Christ. So between  2014 and 18 they trained and graduated a total of 68 health workers - 37 clinical officers, 16  nurses and 15 midwives who have all returned to work in South Sudan.
n 2018 ICMDA took a decision to withdraw its support and to close the  Institute in Kampala.  Tina and Anil were once again at the cross roads in their lives. When invited by the National Health Minister of the Republic of South Sudan to restart the Institute in Bor they decided to take up the challenge and venture out in faith. 
South Sudanese youth on National Unity Day
So in November 2018 after a short sabbatical they  return to South Sudan which is currently under a “revitalised peace agreement”. So they are currently in the process of restarting the  Jonglei Health Sciences Institute in Bor Town in Jonglei and are also part of the  Dr. John Garang Memorial University of Science & Technology where they are working on developing a school of public health and dreaming of a colleges of  Medicine and Nursing. Their project is being supported by CMC Vellore as their  Medical Education Centenary Project after being approved by the council in February 2019.
There is much to celebrate and learn from their extraordinary lives. We have an opportunity to meet and hear their experiences first hand at the GOTC 2019!