CMC Vellore Alumni ​​

​​ NORTH AMERICAN REUNION ​​        [Since 1981]

 37th GOTC: 21 - 24 June 2018: ​TORONTO

​CME 2017


Toronto Hilton Markham Suites
  Welcome to the most culturally diverse city on the planet.
  What better place to have a global reunion? Toronto is all you need to
 add spice and substance to an event that has no parallel anywhere. In fact   
 nothing even comes close!
 At the Hilton Toronto/Markham Suites Conference Centre & Spa, you will
 enjoy a level of comfort and luxury like no other. It's the place that you can 
 set your spirits free to enjoy the flavours of today with a whiff of the past. Isn't that what reunions are made of?
 Vellorians, and friends, Welcome to the 37th GOTC; Toronto 2018!
 We have negotiated for an excellent deal for the reunion.
 The booking link is given
 Once you book your room, you have completed the first step!
 Now make your travel plans for the most exhilarating extended weekend


  1. Toronto
    By air and road. 2 Airports/2 Hrs from US
  2. The Hotel
    25 minutes from Pearson International Airpot
  3. The Rooms
    Are spacious and comfortable for four
  4. The Special Rates
    Are valid for three days before and after.

 It's easy to get to Toronto!

Special Room Rates: CA$169 
Double Bed or King Size for Four Occupants 

Booking Link  - CLICK HERE - Please note changes in Can$ rates 

See Program Highlights Below



CME Category I
Growing by Sharing
Listen to our alumni here and be amazed at their acheivements and their contributions. Lots to feel proud of and be motivated.
CME Schedule
Special Sessions (New!)
New! - A Different View 
If medicine is all we want to think and know about, here's another point of view. Our alumni have stuff to share on other critical areas of knowledge that can help you in life! ​
Sessions Schedule
Common Room Party
Just be yourself!
Going back to Bagayam and the hostels, this is a throwback Thursday. Let your hair down, don your crazy casuals and clink your glasses to those golden memories!​​
The Carnival Night
The Bagayame Fancy Dress 
Oh those carnivals! We are going to play Vengo, the Vellore Bingo and have a ball with Bangra, Bollywood and Baila! Watch for those winners of the Fancy Dress​
Fancy Dress Suggestions
Silver and Blue Banquet
...and nothing else, please!
This is the formal night! Being proud of our colours we embrace the royal blue of loyalty and silvery rays of truth as we smother the hall with those shades that show our love for our alma mater and fellowship with our mates​
Program and Party Games
The Paalaar Cruise
That tall ship is from our vintage!
Whether you have cruised on the Paalaar or not this is going to be an experience. The tall ship Kajama will have you all thinking of Kanjamma her Bagayam sister!​
The Vessel
Picnic I - CN Tower
The Toronto Icon
It's not simply a tall structure. Lunch with your classmates and friends at the 360 revolving restaurant, walk the glass floor at 1,122 feet and if you are super thrill seeking, do the edge walk at 1,168 feet!
The Tower
Picnic II - ROM
The Royal Ontario Museum
For those that like to learn while being entertained this is the place. The unique slanted cube facade invites you to explore the mysteries of the past and the fascinating facts behind art, events and nature. The grouping of exhibits helps organize your time based on specific interests.  
Picnic III - Matinee
Come From Away
A heartwarming musical based on the little Canadian town of Gander that hosted 52 plane loads of people diverted away from US airspace on Sept 11, 2001. The folks of New Foundland called those coming from other places 'Come from aways'!
The Show
Meditation and Memories
Sunken Gardens
The traditional and touching way we close our reunion weekend is with a soft word and a sweet song, remembering those that passed on and, of course the Seven Fold Amen doxology that rings in our ears till we meet again!
Order of Service

The 'Other' Sweet Small Stuff...

Traditional SIngsong
Legendary Vellore Talent

Everything including Baila
The Local Artistes
Bar Talk
Jokes, Laughs and Fibs
Late Night Games

Group and Photobooth
Updates and Talks
Director and Special Guest

The Anthem and Doxology
Alumni GB
The first after Inauguration

Golf. Yoga, Swimming and Tennis
Boutique Bagayam (New!)
The GOTC College Store
Games (New!)
Vengo (Vellore Bingo) and all
Ruby2Gold (New!)
Celebrating with '78, 73 & '68
An Invitation: Washington 2019!