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​​ NORTH AMERICAN REUNION ​​        [Since 1981]

38th GOTC: 27-30 June 2019: ​WASHINGTON DC


From Toad Hill to Capitol Hill
A Shared Journey
Come as your favorite politician!




Alexandria Old Town​​: Quaint and Classy; a la ​GOTC!

Holiday Inn Hotel and Suites
​Alexandria - Old Town
Welcome to the capital city of the United States of America!
 The hotel is situated in Alexandria - Old Town and in close proximity to     historic monuments, stylish boutiques and trendy restaurants. You will have   the  opportunity to enjoy one of the world's great cities in the company of old  and valued friends, while making new ones!
You will have a chance to visit the Whitehouse, Mount Vermont and all the museums and memorials. Tak a cruise on he Potomac River and lunch on an idillic patio in the Old Town.
The hosts have negotiated for a fabulous deal at $129/night per room.
It may be a good idea to arrive a day early. 
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The attendees list will be updated regularly on the Attendees 2019 page. The page is under construction.

  1. Washington DC
    Connected by three airports and the highway system,
  2. The Hotel
    Situated in historical Alexandria - Old Town on the Potomac River
  3. The Rooms
    Comfortable and spacious with all amenities
  4. The Special Rates
    $129 per room per night, including breakfast

 It's easy to get to Washington by air or road!

Special Room Rates: $129. Rates apply 3 days before and after. Includes breakfast and wifi

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Silent Auction

​Chapel Service and Memorial

Four Academic Sessions and

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Potomac River Cruise

Silver and Blue Banquet

    Washington and Suburbs: Come, See, Enjoy!

The Lincoln Memorial

The Old Town

The US Supreme Court

The National Mall

​Union Station, Washington DC