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Dig into what our reunions are really about and what alumni do in other parts of the world to make a difference in peoples' lives. Take a peek at global programs and other reunion events. Also tickle your memories with what happened in years gone by and relive the good times at the world's best institutional reunion anywhere!


Where our Alumni offer a Helping Hand 

True to our motto: 'Not To Be Ministered Unto But To Minister', our worldwide alumni offer their time and expertise in underserved areas, contribute towards institutional projects and provide guidance and support to individual alumni who are faced with a shortage of resources.

These efforts have been going on for decades through individual motivation. The Alumni Association in Vellore, the North American Alumni Association, the Vellore CMC Foundation in New York, the Vellore Ludhiana Committee in Toronto and all the Friends of Vellore organizations around the globe, have been invovled in structured and targeted efforts to support the alma mater in numerous and hugely beneficial ways.

While we enjoy the fellowship and fun during our reunions, it is only fair that we add philanthropy to our list.

Vijay Anand and Ann Ismavel receiving the prestigeous Paul Harrison Award for meritorious service in challenging situations, from Kiran Bedi, a well known former Police Commissioner. This was at the Graduation Ceremony, 2016.
  1. Buddies
    In July 2016, the CMC Vellore Global Medical Alumni group on Facebook launched a program called the 'Alumni Buddies Program' to formalize and facilitate sharing of resources with hospitals in peripheral settings. Bhaktharaj Chelliah was the first to visit Makunda Christian Hospital in Assam and served with Vijay Anand and Ann Ismavel. Alexander Daniel will visit the same hospital in April 2017 and will be the second resource at Makunda. Download project plan here.
  2. The Alumni Distress Fund
    In early 2017 the alumni group felt that some degree of support was required for the long serving mission hospital staff during critical illnesses being treated in CMC. A corpus built on worldwide contributions was suggested and an informal but frank discussion took place on details of how this can be approached. The target was Rupees 1 Crore or 10 Million. At the dawn of the New Year 2019 more than a fourth of the target has been reached. Further programs are being planned for fundraising. The project has been slow with competing needs touching generous alumni, but progress is steady. Susie Samuel ('64) spearheads these efforts with determination and energy
  3. North American Association
    The CMC Vellore North American Alumni Association was launched on 17 June 2017 and the office bearers were elected. The uniqueness of this body is that it is an organization of all alumni that includes nursing and allied health. The constitution was adopted after discussion and modifications and we are all set for a new and exciting chapter for CMCites. President: ALBERT JOHNSON Vice President: MARGARET KAMALINI KUMAR Secretary: ANITA SHARAN JESUDAS Treasurer: CHRISTIE P THOMAS Social Affairs: KALYANI PREMKUMAR
  4. The LCECU in Vellore
    The Low Cost Effective Care Unit in Vellore has ambitious plans of expansion into impoverished areas, sanitation, training and economic development. The effort is being supported by Dr. Rob Fish with his matching donation scheme towards a target of $100,000. Dr. Fish is a nephew of Dr. Ida B Scudder. The Low Cost Effective Care Unit (LCECU) seeks to care for the most deprived urban residents of Vellore City. It provides health care through a 48-bedded hospital, runs family health clinics in five slum areas of Vellore, works with volunteers among the disabled in the community, and conducts home visits and outreach work in these areas. Services are provided free or at a nominal cost.
  5. The Surjit Hermon Fund
    Dr. Manorama Hermon has instituted a fund in memory of her husband to develop a world class Radiology Department at Vellore. The proceeds will be utilized to provide a state of the art equipment at the new Level 1 Trauma centre at Kannigapuram. The CMC Foundation is supporting this effort and donors are asked to contact them for details and avail of the tax credits. Surjit and Manorama belong to the batch of 1967. On December 20th CMC held a momentous ground breaking ceremony in Kannigapuram, where the new 1500-bed hospital and Trauma Center construction is underway. This will be another advanced facility initiated to absorb the load of road traffic accidents in the state of Tamil Nadu that causes death and disability to many.
  6. The Jawadhi Hills Project
    The primary purpose of this programs in the remote Jawadhi Hills is to meet the health and social needs of the 80,000 tribal people residing in this range in the Eastern Ghats. Hill communities have very poor access to health care and other basic amenities due to various reasons. According to surveys carried out by CMC, 98% of Jawadhi Hills children are born at home and only 20% complete immunization before the age of five. CHAD made this remote tribal region one of its earliest priorities when it was founded in the 1980’s and has enhanced services in the last five years. The ongoing work aims to improve health through direct medical interventions, support for economic and social development, education and advocacy training for rights. Donate towards this effort through the Foundation.
Project Plan
The Charter


  1. Vellore: The Original
    Ever since our student days we looked forward to the annual reunion weekend when we enjoyed meeting our seniors back again on the campus. Some were with us in College and others were just well-known names and yet others were academic celebrities from all corners of the world. All meeting at ground zero to remember and reconnect. Of course the traditional series events have their special charm; the tree planting for the special batches and the Scudder stage performances have their share of evoking emotional nostalgia. Things have changed and alumni beyond the half century vintage find themselves among the special batches. The oldest batch being invited is celebrating 75 years!
  2. UK: The Classic
    The annual reunion in the United Kingdom is now a regular feature. The venue remains the same; at the Holiday Inn Coventry which is an interesting strategy. The three day event attracts some alumni from across the Atlantic pond and even some from India and Australia. The Friends of Vellore in UK is actively involved in the promotion and staging of the event.
  3. Australasia: The Innovators
    The Australian Alumni Association is a very formally constituted body with a regular publication and a reunion called the GOTCHA that's going on for over 15 years. They have always had an innovative streak in their programming and choose venues that a attractive with touristic value. If the rumours are right they may even host one 'offsite' very soon! At Bali, Indonesia!
  4. Africa: Gathering the Tribe
    Aptly named The African Gathering (TAG), their first meeting is yet to take place though we hear rumblings in the jungle about one that would be hosted at an exotic destination. Come on, guys, let's do it!
  5. Sporadics: The Sparks
    Every now and then we hear a reunion in Bangalore, Hydrabad and Shillong and the one in New Delhi was named the Gathering of the Capitalists! Internationally we hear about a group in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore and a couple of one offs in the middle East. May they all inspire each other to gather in the name of the alma mater!
  6. The Chennai Chapter
    Growing in popularity and assuming some regularity is the one-night Chennai version of the reunion. It must be said that being so close to Vellore there is very little reason to have anything bigger. Nevertheless it gives the locals an opportunity to meet in their backyards and remember the good times with fun, food and music.
  7. The Backwater Gathering
    Our Kerala alumni are launching their own version of a full day GOTC in Kochi in February 2020. Interest and enthusiasm are springing everywhere with many from overseas planning to be there. Not that Keralites have not had a reunion earlier but this one seems to be special with early planning and publicity. Yeah! One more region covered!


Rare photographs provided by Simon Rajaratnam, Thomas Samuel Ram and Ebenezer Daniel. PPoy

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Music of our times - some of the favourites that pulsated through our hostel corridors... PPoy


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